The Bowser SD40-2

Earlier this year, Bowser released one of THE finest HO scale ready to run plastic models I have ever seen; the GMD SD40-2
The good folks at Bowser pulled out all the stops for this model, road specific details, LED lighting, ESU LOK Sound equipped, along with lots of weight for traction!. There were two BC Rail versions released, the factory painted two tone green version, and the later hockey stick scheme. I picked up five units for service on the layout, and I couldn’t leave them clean, so off to the weathering booth!






Bowser has announced a second run, this time they are offering BC Rail units painted in the red white and blue scheme. I’ve got a couple on order…..


1 thought on “The Bowser SD40-2

  1. I maybe in the wrong place but I remember reading about a BC rail layout in the Edmonton area?? that had a few unbuilt Hobbytown RS 3 kits?? was that you or?? and was wondering if you wanted to sell any?? I live in B.C. and over the years built a few and then unfortunately got out of the hobby and sold them. just want to build one for old times sake
    Thanks Dave

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