My adventures modelling BC Rail in Northern BC. Follow along as I attempt to plan, build, and operate this HO scale layout

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi
    Just saw your blog. Nicely done. I did somehting similar for my layout room as well.
    Will drop by from time to time to check your progress. Where are you situated? BC, AB ?
    Just curious.



  2. Some interesting info on Pinesol and that building will make a great model. I will be modeling the other end of this traffic in North Vancouver. How do you plan to model sulpher? I thought yellow chalk would be perfect but can’t seem to locate any.

    • Thanks Brian! I’m still thinking about the sulphur material, I need some substance that is a fine grain and just the right yellow color. I had heard PW may be producing loads, but I only deal with those crooks if I have to (I prefer not at all) so I’ll be looking for another source. There is a company that produces loads for the Intermountain bathtub gons, I forget the name but I should send them the dimensions of the NARC cars to see if they will produce loads.

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