Finally, an Update and Some Scenery!

Yes, it has been (once again) too long since my last update, but I do prefer to work on the layout rather then write!

After a few operating sessions both with people and by myself, I essentially took the layout out of service to start scenery on one section. After throwing some plaster around and building a bunch of trees, I’m left with a few scenes:

Extra 708 North departs the siding at Kennedy BC after meeting a southbound freight


708 North between Tacheeda and Kennedy


Essentially I scenic a section of the layout between Kennedy and Tacheeda that is roughly 4 feet by 13 feet. Here’s an overview looking north towards Kennedy:


The track curving off to the edge of the layout represents the Tumbler Ridge Line, I will add dummy catenery at a later date, as well as more trees in the foreground.

I’ll cover the scene at Kennedy in a future post, right now I’m ballasting the main into the staging yard at Tacheeda/Prince George



10 thoughts on “Finally, an Update and Some Scenery!

  1. Very nice Trevor!! How long did it take to do the scenery? My layout has stalled and this is indpirkng to see!


  2. Didn’t see a comment section on your C425 page, but I was wondering what parts you used for the ditch lights when you redid the Atlas models? Thanks!

  3. Trevor- there’s no comment section on your C425 article, but I was wondering where you got the ditch lights you used when rebuilding those models. Where from, and are they operable? Thanks! You did great work on those.

    • Thanks Charlie! I used Detail Associates part #1013 for the single ditch lights. The parts were drilled out to accept SMD LED’s (I originally had 1.5V bulbs installed but have upgraded to LEDs) I’m gathering parts to build two for C425’s right now (#800 and 811) and plan on writing an article about the kitbash

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