One Year Later……

February 25 marked one year since I started the benchwork for my layout.

Helix frame started February 25 2014

helix frame built

Like most model railroaders, I didn’t spend an entire year building the layout. The majority of the summer was spent outdoors and on vacations, and it wasn’t until the winter months when I started to really build.

So current status of the layout is benchwork around 90% complete along with the track work. I’m wiring the upper level reverse loop (Prince George staging) and once completed, the bench work for Dawson Creek on the lower level will be constructed. I’ve found its much easier to wire the upper deck without any of the lower level bench work in the way!

I installed the final PSX circuit breaker the other day, so now the power panel wiring is complete:


The good news is once the upper level is finished and Dawson Creek is built, we can start operating sessions!



1 thought on “One Year Later……

  1. Hello, I am Henk from the Netherlands. I want to make a Canadian scenery with BC rail ingredients.
    Please can you forward me the two tone green colour codes or numbers/manufacturer of the paint you used on your locomitives? Thanks

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