Fancy Electronics and More!

Got a package today from Tony’s Train Exchange. I ordered a DCC Specialties PSX4, Tortoise Buddy Seniors, and a couple RR Ramp meters.


The PSX4 contains 4 circuit breakers on one board. I’ll need a total of 7 power districts on the layout, so in the future I’ll order one of their PSX2’s as well as a PSXAR (auto reverser)


The tortoise buddies are for controlling the switch machines, and the RR Ramp meters measure Volts and Amps on each power district. I plan on mounting the meters on the helix frame to provide short detection


And my good flunk- er I mean friend Dave came over the other night and we threw up some hardboard:

This is a full 4X8 foot sheet of 1/8″ hardboard in the corner, really doesn’t look that big!

lower corner hardboard

And we started on the lower level bench work. You are looking at the site of the yard lead for ChetwyndCHETWYND YARD LEAD

And the helix is still growing. A few more loops and it will be finished!

helix growing



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