Painted Drywall

I painted the drywall in the room with a good high quality paint (Behr Slate Grey). I did not bother mudding and taping all the drywall in the basement, since 98% of it will be covered by benchwork and backdrops.

Area where Chetwynd Yard will be built:
painted base 1

Looking towards Dawson Creek Yard:
painted base 2

Next up is the purchase and installation of 209 Dricore floor panels, followed by some laminate flooring. The Dricore panels look like this:


The black part is the bottom, and the top part looks like sub floor. This floor material, in addition to some good quality 12mm laminate should provide a comfortable area to work and operate the layout.

I should add I am NOT looking forward to moving 209 panels from the store to my basement!


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