Starting the Woodchip Gondola Fleet

With the layout operating well, I’ve started to focus on getting the freight car fleet up to snuff. BC Rail had a large fleet of open top woodchip gondolas, many built by the Squamish Shops under the Railwest Manufacturing banner.

Over the years I’ve aquired a few of the Kaslo Shops resin kits for the cars, and I have a bunch more on order whenever they are produced again, The kit went together surprisingly well, with a few extra details like coupler cut levers, grab irons and ExactRail trucks added to the basic kit.

The kit assembled and ready for primer and paint. (those Kadee trucks are incorrect, but I was using them as “shop trucks”

Ready for paint


And now painted and weathered, ready for service on the layout:

BCOL 904446 Complete

I still have to build a load for the car, looking at prototype photos the chips were loaded higher then the interior cross pieces, so the load I build will have to be notched to clear them. I think I’ll build a removable load using some foam insulation board cut to shape and covered with sawdust.

There’s still a long way to go to get a representative fleet of chip cars running on my layout, thankfully the Kaslo kit is quite well designed and fun to build!



3 thoughts on “Starting the Woodchip Gondola Fleet

  1. Nice work.
    I would also like to have a small fleet of these woodchip cars but RTR.
    Hoping Rapido might persue these as they would sell well.
    Pacific Western Rail contacted me recently to promote their new products
    so I took the opportunity to suggest these woodchip cars would be desirable
    to modellers of British Columbia Railway.
    If enough people suggest this car as a future project, maybe we can have a RTR version
    of these cars for people like me who do not have the expertise or patience to do our own.

  2. Nice work! As a fellow BCOL modeller (just started) and I have aquired some of these Kaslo kits as well and so I will start building these soon. So some time in the furture I will have to paint mine as well and I wanted to ask if you could give me a hint about the color you used.

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