Summer Update

Now that our yard is finished, I can head back to the basement and get back to work on the layout! Here’s a shot of the curve on the upper level. The trackage on the left side of the wall is Pinesul, and on the right will be Azouetta, the location of a short rock tunnel


I’ve continued along with the upper deck benchwork and track, and have reached the location of Kennedy. On the prototype, Kennedy was where the Mackenzie Sub (branch line ot Mackenzie BC) met the Chetwynd Sub. I’ve built a short passing siding, as well as 2 legs of a wye that will be non functional due to space limitations. The dead end legs of the wye will be hidden by scenery. I plan to have road freights set out and lift bulkhead flats of lumber at Kennedy, to represent traffic on the Mackenzie Sub



South end of Kennedy with one leg of the dummy wye in the background


And since I really want to run a few trains, I started on the benchwork and the rough layout of Chetwynd

Chetwynd benchwork

Yard lead on the south end of Chetwynd:

Yard throat rough

Next up will be to pull wire for the lower deck lighting, add backdrops to Chetwynd, and continue the benchwork for the yard.


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