Helix Complete (pretty much) plus the High Line

Another milestone was reached today, the helix frame is complete! I still need to lay one more loop of track but finally the monster is constructed!


Now the track curving off to the right of the image, that will be the mainline to Prince George. Why so high you ask? Well, I wanted to avoid a duck under, since the biggest problem with a duck under is operators forget to duck! The area on the lower level under the “bridge” will have the Chetwynd yard lead as well as some industry tracks. Here you can see the future site of the yard lead and spur to the lumber mill:


The 1X4 that is sitting on the lower deck was not planned, but I need it to take out some flex in the plywood bridge. I’ll end up hiding it behind a building/oil tank/ picture of Kate Upton’s boobs or something like that.

The mainline leaving the top of the helix is 6 feet from the floor level, which looks pretty cool!


The track will drop to 60″ or so on the upper deck before it gets to Pinesul. I’ve got a siding to build on the top deck to give trains a place to meet too, and I think I’ll call it Hulcross. The real Hulcross siding was south of Pinesul, but I need it on the other side to prevent a bottle neck of trains waiting to use the helix.



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